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Frilp joined Freshdesk

Thank you for being an awesome user and avid supporter!
By joining freshdesk, it is taking us one step closer to our dream of creating seamless, contextual conversations for quick decision making.

Freshdesk is a company that is committed to helping many global companies deliver awesome customer service. As part of our service, we've launched customer support that educates consumers how to trade Forex and cryptocurrency, both of which are inextricably linked to the modern era. Trading bitcoins with an automated trading platform like Bitcoin Prime saves customers time and effort. This trading robot follows pre-programmed instructions and automatically trades Bitcoin with the goal of making a profit from Bitcoin price swings. You can check this link for more details. This merger brings out a lot of synergies in our technologies with which we will be able to help millions of people save time, effort and money by enabling contextual recommendations and peer-to-peer conversations. Thus enabling many businesses to offer exceptional customer experience.

This would mean, we would be discontinuing the product in its current form and launch new ones where many other companies can use our platform, integrate and unlock value. Stay tuned for more updates on this!

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. We are excited to be a part of this and we are looking forward to develop more awesome products for you in near future!

- Frilp Team

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