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Interested to be a part of a world class product in the making?
Want to understand and learn what makes a good technology product?
Want to know what drives the metrics and experience the tip-of-seat startup experience?

Welcome to the Frilp early influencer program!!

What is Frilp & Who are behind it?

Frilp is a Web and Mobile Application to quickly find businesses that are trusted by people you know. Frilp was one of the top ideas of this year to be incubated by Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad and has won several accolades, including the Stanford University – Rajeev Motwani Circle Fellowship recently.
Day in and Day out, we use hundreds of business and services: A keyboard-tutor/dance class for your child , a nice restaurant to celebrate your anniversay, a trusted place to service your bike or car, a good PG/hostel etc. Frilp enables you to find these businesses through recommendations from your friends and colleagues.
Frilp is powered by a 7-member superstar team, bringing in diverse experiences from CEG, Anna university, Cognizant, Amazon, GlobalScholar and GoldmanSachs.

What it takes to be an opinion leader?

  • Who are active users of technology products and one who had been inclined to participate in discussions on any topic of interest.
  • Who are by nature technologists, who get a kick by trying out new stuff and be enthusiastic about participating and being a part of something that will impact many many users.
  • Who have gone through the problem that Frilp is solving and completely want to participate and shape the solution we are building from its early stages.
  • Who has an urge to understand and learn how fast growing technology startups grow and have a passion to collaborate with likeminded individuals in creating an impact to the world.

What opinion leaders do and get out of this?

As the opinion leaders play an important role, obviously it is exclusive. If you are selected to be part of the 100 opinion leaders pack for Frilp,

  • A chance to work directly or indirectly with a world class team with members from prolific backgrounds; Meet and collaborate passionate, influential like-minded people from Stanford University, University of California - Berkeley, IIM Ahmedabad ,Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Microsoft, Twitter and other top companies from India and Silicon valley . A chance to make your opinions reach top CEOs who are mentors of Frilp.
  • You get early access to Frilp Beta to try out, and suggest your thoughts. Get exposed to other top startups and get early preview & benefits for the ones of your interest.
  • An opportunity to opinion your ideas and see them becoming reality.
  • A chance to see and understand how market-research, market-entry-strategy and user-rollout works in a technology startup from its initial stages. Proven member can get an opportunity to play an active role.
  • On top of all this, If it is interests anyone, you also Get invited to talks & parties, receive Frilp goodies etc etc. But that is least of the things.

Gmail - A Case Study:
Excerpt from Wiki on Gmail:
Gmail began what ended up being a five-year beta phase in March 2004, when Google invited about 1,000 opinion leaders and then allowed them to invite their friends, and family members to become beta testers, with trials beginning on 21 March 2004.[3]


Apply now at [email protected] with the following info:

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Links to your profiles at Twitter / Linkedin / Facebook / Behance / Quora / Github / Blog. (At least 2 but more the better)
Why do you want to be part of the community and what do you intend to learn or benefit from the community?
How do you think you will be able to add value to the community?

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