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Our TeamAbout Turing Research

Frilp is a product of Turing Research labs (TRL), named after the computer scientist Alan Turing, who is considered the father of computer science and artificial intelligence. TRL is a research group focused in developing technologies which positively impact the daily lives of people.

TRL is currently incubated & seed funded by CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad. Turing Research’s current project, FRILP (Friends Help) will help people in discovering and sharing valuable information within trusted members of one’s network, more easily and efficiently.

Powered by a strong founding team with alumnus from GoldmanSachs, GlobalScholar, Cognizant, Amazon and engineers from top engineering institutions in the country, Turing Research is working on cutting edge technologies in building the next-gen social platform for exchanging trusted references and recommendations within one’s network. At TRL, We value the quality of our peers as much as the power of the ideas we work on. We are currently building a high energy core team with best people from engineering, business and design streams, who are like minded and will emerge as leaders of the organization in the future. Here is a quick intro of our team.

Our Team
  • Shyam Anandaraman
  • Operations, Strategy
  • GoldmanSachs, NewYork
    Founder of 20L Crowd Sourced NGO Fund
    CEG, MS (CS) - NewYork
  • Raja Jayaraman
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • ex-Architect
    10 Yrs Enterprise Experience
    Cognizant - NewYork
  • Aravind Gopalan
  • Engineering & Implementation
  • Top Coder
    BE (ComputerScience) - CEG
  • Aravindan Doraisamy
  • Web & Mobile UI/UX
  • UX-UI Designer
    Mobile Group, Cognizant
    MS - Visual Communication
  • Senthil kandhasamy
  • Product, Marketing
  • ex-Product Manager of
    $14 Mil Web Product @ GlobalScholar
    Early member of $Mil start-up
    MS (Web Tech) - CEG
  • Anish Deenadayalan
  • Engineering & Implementation
  • Research Fellow, Oklahoma State University
    MS (SoftwareEngineering) - CIT
  • Ramnath K
  • Analytics & Recommendation Algorithm (PARSE)
  • 4 Yrs of Algorithm Experience
    CEG, MS - IIT Madras
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