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About Iniyaa Cheran

Hello my fellow earthlings! I am Iniyaa. Yes, I do have a tongue twister of a name but it means ‘sweet’ in Tamil. So I suppose it is quite fitting that I LOVE sweets. I am also a big foodie, I love trying out new places and cuisines (slightly biased towards Italian). I believe that if you are the type who just eats to live, then you are just not living it right! All of our social conventions revolve around food one way or another. So might as well make it interesting and delicious right? That’s how I decided to go on this quest to discover delicious food for all occasions! I also love shopping, I am a big movie buff and I enjoy reading. But none of this sounds as fun as eating good food no? If yes, *virtual hi 5*, if no, well I am going to try to do all I can to change that opinion! ;)