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About Vignesh Sriram Iyengar

Hi Folks! I am Vignesh Sriram. I am gonna be a Chartered Accountant in a few months from now. To describe me in short, EAT, SLEEP, ENJOY, REPEAT! I am veggie and I eat a lot. I try out every new place that offers food. But I enjoy my best food times at some quality Kaiyendhi Bhavans or Thattu Kadai, as we call it in Coimbatore. As I am from traditional music family, I enjoy music and I sing well too (Bathroom singing is considered proper singing too right??). I read a lot of stuff. Am a movie freak. I watch a movie every day without fail on various genres and of any language. In fact am waiting for my short film’s release. :) Don’t tell this to anyone. Lol! :P Am from the same set of people who believe “If Cricket is a Religion, then Sachin is my God!”. With all that you would have understood that I talk a lot. Don’t know when my mouth is gonna get me into trouble?? :P Bubie!