Iniyaa's Pics on top dessert plces in Chennai

Iniyaa’s top recommendations for dessert places in Chennai

So I started off writing this thinking I’ll tell you guys about my favorite dessert places in Chennai. But unlike me, most people don’t like everything that is sweet and are into only specific things when it comes to desserts – so I decided to give you my top recomendations for dessert places in chennai for each kind of a dessert.

Amadora Gourmet Ice Creams and Sorbets

Amadora - Iniyaa's top pics on dessert places in chennai

A Dessert place for those who scream for Ice Cream! 

This place is my new heaven. Located in a quiet corner of Wallace Garden road, it is the only place in the city which boasts of ‘Gourmet Ice creams’. They have such killer original flavours like Maami’s Degree Kaapi, salted butter caramel and Caramelised white chocolate. If you are a sorbet fan this is the best place in the city! But the highlight - their signature creations with these ice creams – Blueberry Cheescake Ice cream pie, Nutella and Vanilla Bean Ice cream pie to name a few. Check out their facebook page to know what I’m talking about. They keep experimenting and I find something new every week. My personal favourite is their Ice cream sandwich – A luscious scoop of your choice of Ice cream between two warm chocolate chip cookies. I’m not exaggerating when I say this brought tears to my eyes the first time I had it. It is a quiet, neatly done and hassle free place where they don’t try too hard to impress you with fancy menus and cutlery – they let their ice creams do the talking. A great place to go to and have a relaxed, peaceful date with the best flavours of ice cream in Chennai!


Must Try
Ice cream sandwich, any of their ‘signature creation for the day’ (check their facebook page for details). Ask for taste samples before you decide a flavour!

Watch out for
Since they make their own gourmet ice creams, they don’t have all the flavours everyday. So make sure they have your favourite flavour on that day before you visit. Or just try a new one – you wont regret it.

Price Range
Rs.180 per scoop, Rs.300 for the Ice cream sandwich. After all, it does say ‘Gourmet’ Ice creams.

How to reach

No 23, Off Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Wallace Garden 3rd Street, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600034

Phone: (044) 42323482


Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory

Sandys - Iniyaa's top pics on dessert places in chennai  A dessert place for the Chocoholics!

If decadent chocolate treats haunt you in your dreams, then Sandy’s will give you fantasies. It is one of the best dessert places in the city with their speciality being chocolate. And it is a lab inside – the give you chocolate shots in test tubes and chocolate drinks in beakers. Their tiny cake is so chocolaty that it makes you almost guilty to have it – mainly because it is tiny in no way, you get trolled by the name if you order it without seeing it first. Their chocolate fondue is amazing! Chocolate tiramisu will make you smack your lips. Surprisingly, it also has one of the most amazing cheesecakes I have had as well – try their petit cheesecake if you are fan of more subtle sweet treats. The nutella bar is another ticket to food heaven.


3.5/5, extra points for the cute lab like glassware!

Must try

Pick anything chocolate, with your eyes closed. If you are peaking through and cant decide, start with their nutella tiramisu!

Watch out for

Their savoury stuff while tasty most of the times are better used as palate cleansers in between the amazing chocolaty - ness!

Price Range

If you just received your salary or pocketmoney – go for the yummy decadent desserts (avg 200 bucks) or if you are fairly broke – try the petit fours (Rs.40) or their chocolate concoctions (Rs.150 ish). Either way, money shall be no bar to satisfy a chocolate craving!

How to reach

No 16, Opp To Hardley Davidson Showroom, Wallace Garden 2nd Street, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600034

Phone: (044) 42134000, 42144000

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Woops waffles

Woops - Iniyaa's top pics on dessert places in chennai Waffles are the way? Try Woops waffles in in Express Avenue Mall food court

Though not technically a dessert these are most amazing waffles in the city hands down! They have some 20 different combos where you can add almost any kind of topping to your waffles from ice creams to fancy sauces to nuttella to fruits to whipped cream. Although it is a tiny food cart in a humble corner of the food court which you can easily miss, their waffles are to die for! At Rs.120 for a plain waffle it is quite easy on the pocket too.


Uh. Its in the middle of the most nosiest food court in Chennai, so you can imagine.

Must try

You can have your pick here, all the combos are good.

Watch out for

Not the place to take your girlfriend on a romantic date. Unless she loves great waffles.

How to reach

Express Avenue Mall Food Court

Jelly Belly desserts in Besant Nagar

Jelly Belly - Iniyaa's top pics on dessert places in chennaiFor my staunch vegetarian friends: A dessert place for you in Besant Nagar

Are you deprived from eating sweet stuff because you are a vegetarian and most desserts have egg in them? Then Jelly Belly is the answer to your miseries. It is the best place for eggless desserts. It is a tiny store with 2-3 tables, perfect to hang out with friends on a lazy Sunday evening and especially awesome when you want to drown yourself in sugary treats because you are broke because the pricing is pretty fair. And surprise – their sandwiches and salads are also amazing so there is something in it for everyone’s taste. Iyer and Jain peeps, what you waiting for ya?


2/5 (although, it is unfair to judge a kutti kadai for its ambiance)

Must try

Chocolate Mousse, Cheesecakes.

Watch out for

The fact they open only at 5pm everyday

How to reach

E/37, Near ICICI Bank, 2nd Avenue, Besant Nagar, Chennai - 600090

Phone: (044) 24463777, 24460777


Häagen Dazs

Haagen Dazs - Iniyaa's top pics on dessert places in chennai Fancy dessert place for a one time special occasion? Häagen Dazs on Khader Nawaz Khan road

I am not going to give details of this place, has too much hype already. For a fancy one time thing though, it is a good choice. Their menu is actually the best part. It will haunt you for days as it has such vivid pictures of sinful desserts shot in the most dramatic way. The ice creams are really good but they are the same Haagen Dazs ice creams that you get in supermarkets. And my inside info says that they get their pancakes and waffles from Sandy’s next door. Their fondues are a giant hit – why wouldn’t they be when they cost Rs.1800. But if you are ready to splurge and mark a special day and want to eat some yummy desserts while spotting the who’s who of Kollywood, this is definitely the place.

Must try

Banana Caramel Crepes (Rs.580 bucks), Cheesecake, Fondue.

Watch out for

The heavy pricing. But I guess it only fits considering it is one of the leading ice cream brands in the world.

How to reach

New No 34 Old No 16 Platinum Building, Opposite Taj Coromandel, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600034

Phone: 9626214418 (044) 28333363, 43210001


Dessert Studio

Dessert Studio - Iniyaa's top pics on dessert places in chennai Crepes, Shakes, Yogurt? Dessert Studio, Knk Road

Another dessert place in KNK road. It is a great place to just chill and have a good time. Their menu is limited but it sure is better to have a small menu where everything taste amazing right? I’m not a yogurt person but I have heard their yogurts are great! But I can give you my guarantee for their crepes, they will leave you lip smacking! Their Snicker Bar Shake is a boon to fellow Snickers fans.

Must try

Belgian Chocolate Crepes, Snicker Bar Shake

Watch out for

Their limited menu, they have only crepes, shakes and yogurt.

How to reach

No 8, Near Oyster Mall, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600034

Phone: 9962658697 ,(044) 42010699

Other place that you can check out:

Brownie Cottage' Carts in Express Avenue, PVR and INOX for a great range of brownies.
Not satisfied with Creme brulees anywhere? Try the Orange Creme Brulee in Mainland China. You will change your mind, I promise.
Hajji Ali house of Fruit Creams' – They invented their own dessert – called the fruit cream. Definitely worth a try!
Enjoy some delicious swiss ice creams here @ Movenpick, Nungambakkam

About Iniyaa Cheran

Hello my fellow earthlings! I am Iniyaa. Yes, I do have a tongue twister of a name but it means ‘sweet’ in Tamil. So I suppose it is quite fitting that I LOVE sweets. I am also a big foodie, I love trying out new places and cuisines (slightly biased towards Italian). I believe that if you are the type who just eats to live, then you are just not living it right! All of our social conventions revolve around food one way or another. So might as well make it interesting and delicious right? That’s how I decided to go on this quest to discover delicious food for all occasions! I also love shopping, I am a big movie buff and I enjoy reading. But none of this sounds as fun as eating good food no? If yes, *virtual hi 5*, if no, well I am going to try to do all I can to change that opinion! 😉

  • Archana Sridhar

    Hi! Haha this is a perfect compilation of all things iniyaa! 🙂 got yourself one loyal follower. 😛

    • Iniyaa Cheran

      Hello Best friend. When Im back, lets go try all of these again? Salary in a few dayssss bro! 😉 And recommend Frilp to others!!!

  • Aravind Gopalan

    i din know that thr wr so many ice cream parlours in chennai and so many varities of ice creams. Seriously you have given a detailed review on thr signature dishes. Surprised to see how many variety of deserts you have tried in so many shops :O. I must agree , you are a food freak. My favourite lines ‘ A luscious scoop of your choice of Ice cream between two warm chocolate chip cookies. I’m not exaggerating when I say this brought tears to my eyes the first time I had it ‘ . This has given it so much hype that i badly wanna try that one out now. 😛

    • Iniyaa Cheran

      haha thanks Aravind, that was my favorite line (and dessert) too! You should definitely try it out asap!!! You wont regret it 🙂 And food freak sounds a little alarming, a food enthusiast maybe? 😛

  • RaHul Ravindran

    a very comprehensive guide but I feel fruit shop on greams road is definitely worth a mention.

    • Iniyaa Cheran

      Hey Rahul! Thanks! Fruit shop is one of my most favorite hang out places too. Althought they have only two ‘desserts’, I should have added their caramel custard and tender coconut pudding. Cannot believe i forgot! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

      • Jaikar Pandurangan

        Hi Iniyaa I love the Death by Chocolate @ Tangerine.

  • Shriya Sk

    This was a stunning round up Inniya 🙂 ! I think this will make a perfect ‘it’ list for anyone with a sweet tooth in Chennai.
    Just to add to this list I would recommend - ‘Fusion 9’ for its to-die-for Tiramisu and ‘Rich and creamy’ for their cream-a-licous icecream sundaes!

    • Iniyaa Cheran

      Thanks a lot Shriya!! I agree that the Tiramisu at Fusion 9 is amazing, but I’m slightly partial towards Nutella which made the Nutella Tiramisu from Sandy’s land in my list! But for people who like Tiramisu the original Italian way, Fusion 9 is a great choice 🙂 And I should check out the Rich and Creamy sundaes 😉

  • Aravind

    great compilation.. hats off Frilp and Iniyaa.. would be of great help if i get a similar compilation for bangalore.. 🙂 i reside there..

    • Iniyaa Cheran

      Thank you so much Aravind. Frilp will roll out a similar recommendation post for Bangalore soon. Keep watching this space 🙂

  • Shyam Anandaraman

    @iniyaacheran:disqus - Thanks for making life lot simpler… when it comes to figuring out and quickly deciding.. which place is awesome for dessert and what to have there… My wife was fed up with the choices she gets from the typical-review-rating sites like zomato/burp and even google.. and one has to do lot of work(i.e. research) to figure out what to have there, and which palce specializes in making exquisite desserts… you have atleast saved 4 weekends of effort by giving us your-bests and describing why it is so. Am going for Amadora this weekend with wife and family. Expecting more in this space after i exhaust your list :). P.S - examples of choices which come when i look for best dessert place in burrp/zomato/google… Barbeque nation is one of the top ones..this is the reason why decision making becomes so the absence of simple word-of-mouth recommendation from someone who is an expert and can be trusted…thx loads for taking effort for sharing this list with us !

  • Ponni Ambalavanan

    Hi Iniyaa , wow what a writing! You sound like a pro girl. Great review that was it tempted my taste buds and shooed off my vow to avoid desserts to stay fit but then as you rightly said I have got to live my life haha! Keep writing my sweetie pie food lover you definitely have a follower !!:))

  • Ganesh Gowtham

    Iniyaa I think even ADONIYA is pretty awesome!! if you haven’t try it out , the cupcakes are too good!! 🙂

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    I think these are best dessert places in chennai, Thanks for sharing keep posting. For more Restaurant deals in Chennai


  • Berlin Wiese

    I think these are best dessert places in Chennai , thanks for sharing , keep posting . For more restaurant deals and offers in Chennai Visit

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