Cool Weekend Hangouts in Bangalore by Shwetha Ravi

Must Visit Weekend Hangouts in Bangalore, Handpicked by Shwetha Ravi

The Charm of Bangalore is mainly drawn from its beautiful climate. Also adding to the city’s charm is the myriad number of eat-outs, pubs and shopping malls which is a treat, especially for the friends who come from the nearby cities. But for those living in Bangalore, it can sometimes get nauseating to not have anywhere else to go other than a mall, cinema or a place to eat.

Another choice you can make is to travel to nearby places for short trips to get away from the city, but what do you do when your friends come to spend time in Bangalore!, And though you are excited to take them around, the thought of wading through the horrendous traffic just for mall hopping and restaurant hopping can totally bring down the enthu! My solution to make the day more exciting and alleviate the monotony is to sandwich between these usual activities something more fun. Here’s a list of few weekend hangouts in Bangalore I discovered and thoroughly enjoyed:


Iamgame_Laser Tag_Top Bangalore hangout

Vent through Laser Tag

Laser Tag is played in a dark arena, where players wear a special jacket that glows in the dark and players take cover behind a fluorescent maze. During each Laser Tag mission (game), players carry a Laser Gun and hit various targets on opponent’s jackets and base station. The game is sure to give you an adrenalin rush and you will not regret the time well spent. It is a lot of fun with friends and if you have less of them don’t worry, just head to the venue and there will be enough others to team up to start your game.

Go to

IamGame in Koramangala, 80 feet Road. (Opposite Koramangala Police station)

Approximate Cost

Rs.150 per person for one game.


Split your gang of friends between the two teams so you can chase and shoot one another! The venue also has Air Hockey and Foosball which can be a fun time pass while you wait for your turn at laser tag.

Nishaan Sports Shooting Academy


Shoot out the tension

Take a beginners class in Rifle Shooting. It isn’t as hard as it sounds but neither is it easy. But one thing for sure is that you will love it! The place demands professionalism and hence silence will need to be maintained. But there is fun even in the silence. You will enjoy the challenge to beat your friends’ shooting score! Learning some basics and trying to shoot the bull’s eye is sure to make you feel stronger and adventurous. The coach is friendly, ask some more questions about the rifles and the sport and you may be finding yourself coming back for a professional training!

Go to

Nishaan Sports Academy, Indoor Stadium, Koramangala, 80 feet Road. Near to National Games Village Complex.

Approximate Cost

Rs.350 per person for 30 rounds of Starter Air Rifle Shooting.


Subscribe at to receive daily deals. I have found some cheap deals for Rifle Shooting classes available many times on Groupon. Also call up the facility in advance to confirm the right visit time as it may be occupied with regulars.

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Amoeba_Top Bangalore hangout

Strike fun at Bowling

Not too new on the block, but somehow forgotten at times, Bowling is sure to bring you fun and is a large group friendly game. The other advantage is that there are many places in Bangalore that host bowling arenas. So plan your day to include Bowling, record the scores and strike your way to some fun challenges with friends!

Go to

Amoeba in Church Street\Amoeba Park Square in Whitefield

Approximate Cost

Rs.175 per person


If it’s a weekend, try to reserve for a game at least an hour before your planned time!

Flight 4 Fantasy

flight4fantasy_Top Bangalore hangout

This is still in my bucket list, but I have visited the place and know of friends who have tried the flight simulators who have raved about the experience. So I am heading there soon! If you have fantasized flying a plane and would love to experience virtual flying , this is your destination.

Go To

The Forum Mall, 4th Floor, Koramangala

Approximate Cost

Rs.1200 for a 30 minute experience in the Boeing 737 and Rs.200 for a 15 minute experience in the Fighter Aircraft


Since the cost is on the higher side, try to go there on the weekday to save a couple of hundreds! You can also pre book your session over phone. They also have gift vouchers and hence serves as a great gift, especially for a guy!

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  • ksenthil

    Brilliant picks Shwetha! I think you should include more such place make this as a cheat sheet for people when they want to go out somewhere!

    • Shwetha Ravi

      Thanks Senthil! ill prepare one such ‘cheat sheet’ soon =)

      • amandac curtz

        Very informative dear. The next time when i visit i will try doing all these stuff. The last time when i had been to bangalore i enjoyed a lot by taking a adventure package from Adventure Nest tour organisers.

  • Sayan

    Thumbs up ! Nice work Shwetha 🙂

    • Shwetha Ravi

      Thanks Sayan!

  • Creatityrocks

    Nice Information. Good information about the weekend hangout places. I am a huge fan of Phoenix Market-city in Whitefield. It is also a one of the best weekend hangout place with friends/family. It offers variety of brands in all kind of categories. Best part is it organizes creative events, musical concerts which attracts large number of audience.

    • Shwetha Ravi

      HI! Yes, i agree that Phoenix Market city is one mall with a great ambience! But i have always headed there only for shoppingeating =) hope i can visit it next time for some other fun places too!

  • Satish Kamble

    Shwetha..good work..Pictures are very nice

  • Veeru

    Perfect..!.this is wat I was looking for…fun places and not palace or gardens 🙂