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About Shwetha Ravi

Hopeful. Dreamer. Cheerful. I believe in some of the simplest mantras of life that may be tagged as clichés but more than often, forgotten easily. I believe in the strength of belief; the bond of friendship; empathy for strangers; love for the unknown; the miracles from un-complicating problems; that there is never less time to do things you love to do; and that if you force on a smile you will eventually have a genuine smile. I also love to express and share my experiences and opinions and that is the reason I love to blog! – To be able to share with the world of what runs in my mind, and if I can even help one person relate to or benefit from the read, I am content :) Life is too exciting to be spent doing nothing, and you are too young to settle! So get out there, enjoy the world around you! I'm also an avid Frilper recommending places/shops I love in Frilp. --Much love, Shwetha