Top 4 dessert shops in Bangalore which you shouldn’t miss !!

You know how people have a sweet tooth? Mine’s a chocolate one. Desserts are synonymous to chocolates to me. Below is a list of my favourite top 4 dessert shops in Bangalore to satiate your dessert cravings.Pardon my bias towards chocolatey desserts but assure you won’t have regrets!

Now before you read, if you are lazing at home, you may want to get ready to leave out while reading this, because at the end of the read you’re gonna wanna eat!


#1 Berry’d Alive

A dessert corner that is way up in the league. They serve not just ice creams/cakes but creations that could only come from very passionate pastry chefs. Their desserts are unique; this is your perfect destination when you want to have a 5 star experience for just desserts.

Chocolate Caramel Tart – This.Is.The.Best.Dessert.Ever! The name may deceive you for something usual, don’t overlook it. There’s something about this creation - like the classics with a twist; like rain in draught. The first spoon of this in your mouth is a Eureka moment; a realization of purpose and belonging. It defines ‘absolute content’.  The chocolate on top of the caramel layer, stacked on a moist crusty tart with the chillness from the vanilla ice cream makes your eyes and tongue swirl. The vanilla scoop is optional so don’t forget to order it!

Unique recipe

Price Range
Rs.120-150 per dessert. Worth every penny!

How to reach
#1079, 12th Main Road, HAL II Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore, 12th Main Rd, HAL II Stage, Appareddipalya, Indira Nagar, Bangalore, KA


#2 Corner House

You could call Corner house as the in house ice cream parlour of Bangalore. It is there everywhere. It is consistent. It never fails you. They have a wide variety of ice creams, the most famous Being the death by chocolate. I can’t imagine anyone visiting Bangalore and not visiting Corner House for a casual dessert.

Thick Chocolate Shake - For that lazy weekend where you want to go nearby, pick a yummy ice cream and enjoy it in your own slow pace. The thick chocolate shake is so stunningly thick, I could challenge if anyone else made better milkshake. You spend the first few seconds wondering why you can’t yet taste the chocolate shake through the straw. And Voila! – You taste the smoothest blend of chocolate and ice cream infusing inside your mouth and you realize - it was worth the effort and wait, you can sip on this for the next hour. Your day is made. Yeah you got the point! Visit 😀

Wide variety of menu

Price Range
Rs.130 for the Thick shake, Sundaes from Rs.90-150, scoops from Rs.50.

How to reach
Corner House Ice Creams Pvt. Ltd, No. 45/3, G.K. Complex, Residency Road Cross, Bangalore-25 and many other locations!

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#3 Sunny’s

This is an upscale restaurant that serves amazing desserts. I have eaten only twice here and both times have had the Chocolate Orange Walnut Torte dessert but they certainly have a vast dessert menu that could keep you engaged for a whole year’s dessert indulgence cravings. The torte is a beauty - the orange is so subtle, the chocolate is so rich and the granular texture is just out of the world. Absolute Must have! Sunny’s is a great place for some lavish indulgence. They also take in orders for birthday cakes!

Vast variety of desserts and an excellent ambience

Price Range
Approx. Rs.150

How to reach
Located on Vittal Mallya Road, #50, Lavelle Road, Bangalore - 560001 (Opposite to Loom)


#4 Happy Endings

Happy Endings is a chocolate Haven! The ambiance is exciting for a chocolate lover and cozy comfy for any person! Their graffiti wall has cool quotes like ‘Save Earth. It’s the only planet with Chocolate’; ‘7 days without chocolate makes one weak’. Hell Yeah! There was an instant bonding. They have great birthday cakes like the German Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Charlotte. The top desserts that will add to your confusion of what to pick are the Mississippi mud cake and the chocolate marquise served in tall shot glasses.

Reasonable pricing with Impressive ambience and yummy cakes

Price Range
Moderate pricing, starts from Rs.70.Cakes are priced around Rs.300 for half kg.

How to reach
No. 79/3, Marathalli, Service Rd, Bellandur, Bangalore, KA

The above are my top favorites, but there are some other good dessert shops in Bangalore that you could visit.

PinkBerry for Yoghurt based desserts. Not my place for the reason of my dislike towards yoghurts but the fact that I’ve sat with friends and seen them devouring on some very different flavours like pomegranate and salted caramel says it all. Priced slightly expensive, the ambience is cute with a small inside seating and a lovely outside seating. Located on 100 feet Road, Indranagar.
Naturals - A haven for fruit lovers, they have fans who swear to healthier ice cream eating experience. They have unique flavors like Peach, watermelon, coconut, sitaphal etc. Head there if you want to indulge guilt free. Many locations in Bangalore.
Swensens - Great for large groups/family or for late night visits. Their earthquake series with 8 scoops and toppings are killer. They also have really cute looking sundaes for kids! Now that ought to ease some planning! Many locations in Bangalore.

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  • KP Karthik

    Nice blog Shwetha !! I know a lot of dessert options are available in Bangalore, you really summed it up well listing the top ones..

    • Shwetha Ravi

      Thanks Karthik! Yes Bangalore has so many dessert options, I haven’t been exploring new dessert places in the recent, even on craving days been sticking to only my favorites as on this list :), Hope to check out those new places sometime soon!

  • Diary of Doting Mom

    I love Berry’d Alive and Corner House. Swensen’s is not bad either, but a bit overpriced, I felt. Lovely review. Now my tummy is rumbling 😉

    • Shwetha Ravi

      Thanks 🙂

  • Shwetha Ravi

    Berry’d Alive is now open in koramangala too!

  • Priti

    Nice blog Shweta. I think Monginis is also one of them having a vast varieties of cakes offering online delivery at your doorsteps.

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    I’ve been in Bangalore for about three years and this is a compilation of the best places I’ve been to: