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Best Restaurants in Chennai: Vinodh’s Picks #1

Social at the Somerset Residences Enclave in MRC nagar, is one of my favourite places. You don’t have to dress up, the code is cool, shorts and a tee with crocs or slippers are welcome here.


One thing - the grunge urban chic, emphasized by the sewing machine stands of the tables, the boxed sofas, metal chairs etc, doesn’t detract from the food. No great view, except looking into the open kitchen. If you are a traditionalist, then avoid this place, but if you are like me who has a yearning for street food with a twist and creatively interpreted dishes, that are not exactly a mainstay in most menus, then this is the place.


If I say that i was impressed the first time i visited, the impression only improved on the 2nd and 3rd time. The Menu is just a Plank with a sheet of printed menu. I think the intention was not to let anything detract from the food as such.


The Grey Matter Masala, which is the simple Bheja fry, was just done right with a tinge of the masala, but not overpowering. This was served in a small jar with Crisp Toasts.

Best Restaurants in Chennai - Vinodh's Picks #1 - Social - Gray matter masala

The Pate de Foie Gras [spelt faux gras in the menu perhaps because they use chicken liver, instead of goose] which was served on a platter with Argula leaves, stewed Figs & crisp toasts, again was brilliant. It was smooth and no sinews at all.  A week made pate, obviously strained multiple times. The 2 small slices of crisp toasted baguette slices they served it with, was inadequate, but they brought in more when asked. The Argula was the perfect foil for the pate.

The Stuffed Mologa Bhajjis again, were served up well and was tasty. Sometimes, street food loses its charm when a restaurant tries to adopt it but that has not happened here. The difference is the plating and the visual appeal, to which obvious attention has been paid.

Other than the above, the Sliders, the Welsh rare bits and the Curry puffs are quite good.

Main Course

For the main course, there was a unanimous vote to try the Kori Gassi with Rice. Pity they didn’t have Rice Rotis, but this served just as well. The curry was well balanced, Coco-nutty, and mildly spiced as it should be. The chicken pieces though few, were succulent.

Best Restaurants in Chennai - Vinodh's Picks #1 - SOCIAL - Korri Gassi



The Desserts were nice, but not a match for the starters. This is a place for a quiet evening with friends, where the music is subdued, the waiters unobtrusive and the ambiance comfortable. If one is looking for cheap, this isn’t it. Each person has a different take on value for money; for me there it was. But the Restaurant was quite bare, other than for two other tables, that were occupied.

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